Objectives of our project
Celebrating the Hetton Colliery Railway, designed by George Stephenson and opened in 1822, an internationally important development in the early history of railways.

Our aim is to promote the educational, cultural and historical importance ot the Hetton Colliery Railway.

To celebrate the Hetton Colliery Railway Bicentenary in 2022 we have been making plans, which include exhibitions, public lectures, work with local schools and publishing books.

Please explore our web site to see how we are meeting these objectives.

Under the heading People we have add information on our sponsors, trustees and partners.

Under the heading Events we have included a list of existing and pending publications which explore different aspects of the history of the Hetton Colliery Railway.
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The Hetton Carnival 2022
The Hetton Carnival is always an eagerly anticipated local event ! Last year the bicentenary of the Hetton Colliery Railway provided a strong theme with a parade of historic vehicles and a marquee devoted to the Hetton Colliery Railway bicentenary celebration.

These two short videos convey something of the atmosphere of the event.
Why not get involved with Hetton 200 ?
Regular meetings open to all interested parties are held monthly at the ELCAP centre Easington Lane  DH5 0LE

In between the open meetings we have sub committee meetings developing the following activities.

Lectures, Exhibitions and publicity
Schools liaison
Hetton Carnival liaison

you feel you could me a contribution to any of the above please get in touch.

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